"As a sign of this everlasting

covenant...I am putting my bow

in the clouds."

Genesis 9: 12 - 13

Welcome to Mt. Vernon!

Welcome to Mt. Vernon! At Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church we feel that God has called us together to praise God, to grow in our faith, to love and care for one another and to share God’s love to people in our community and world. Whether you are a newcomer or a member, we want you to find a place to belong and become involved in our family of faith. We hope you will come join us in worship and hope you will find a place to call home within the warm embrace of our church family. Grace and Peace! 

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church is a community of faith led by the Holy Spirit to worship, work and witness for our Lord Jesus Christ, sharing the hope we find in God’s all embracing love with our neighbor, our community and our world.

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